How much do you really know about renting? Whether you’re just flying the nest or have rented privately several times, we’ve created a quiz to test out how much you really know about the rules and regulations!

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But, if you don’t have time to take the quiz, we’ve created this handy blog to skip straight to helping you understand the facts of renting. Here are 10 facts to help you as a tenant!

  • Did you know that it’s illegal for an agent to charge you to view a property? However, once you’ve found a house you like and the agent and landlord have offered you the property, you should expect to pay admin fees before moving in.
  • When it comes to deposits, in England and Wales, there are no fixed amounts or restrictions on how much deposit you have to put down – it’s at the agent or landlord’s discretion (although a landlord in Scotland cannot legally ask for more than two month’s rent as a deposit).
  • Need to fill a room fast? You can’t sublet one of the rooms in the property unless your tenancy agreement states otherwise – if in doubt it’s best to ask your landlord directly as they can evict you for breach of contract if they find out you have been doing so.
  • Fancy doing some DIY? Before you start painting the walls or adding a bit of personality to the décor, make sure you ask for your landlords’ permission. If you ask nicely – they might even do it for you!
  • Should my landlord be dropping in? Is your landlord popping round without telling you? According to the Housing Act 1988, your landlord must give you at least 24 hours’ notice before they can enter the property.
  • When it comes to maintenance, your landlord is responsible for ensuring anything to do with water/gas pipes, broken boilers, radiators etc are in working conditions. So any issues with these – tell your landlord right away and don’t attempt a DIY fix job!
  • There’s different levels of tidiness from home to home but ensure you do a bit of spring cleaning regularly as it is unlikely, but if a court agree it is reasonable, you could be evicted from the property if it is too untidy.
  • Off on your holiday? If you’re planning on going away for longer than 14 days, you should tell your landlord. If you don’t and anything happens whilst you’re away, it may invalidate their insurance policy.
  • Rent-rise? Again? Your landlord cannot legally increase the rent cost agreed during a fixed-term tenancy agreement, unless you have explicitly given them your permission.
  • Feeling it’s time for a furry friend? You can keep pets living in a rented property as long as it is not forbidden in your contract or you’ve spoken to your landlord and they have agreed. There may be a further deposit implication if they do agree you can have a pet.

Well, there’s our quick 10 facts about renting to make sure your renting experience is as easy as possible and you don’t incur unexpected charges on moving out.

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